Scope of the Study

Evolving economic conditions, rapidly changing global and industry dynamics and the maturing of the industry suggest the capabilities and uses of 3PLs have evolved considerably over the twenty years of this study. To assess these changes, the study team uses four complementary channels of research.

Web-Based Survey

During the spring and summer each year, a web-based survey is sent to logistics and supply chain executives in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, as well as other regions and geographies of the world. In addition to shippers, surveys are sent to executives from companies providing 3PL services in order to gain their perspectives on many of the issues and topics included in the user survey.

Desk Research

The research team, with the support of Capgemini’s Strategic Research Group, assayed a variety of published research related to the special topics to create survey questions and analyze the responses.

Focus Interviews

The study team conducts a significant number of “focus interviews” with industry observers and experts, primarily relating to the examination of the special topics that were identified for the year. These focus interviews provided exceptionally valuable opportunities to gather pertinent information and perspectives from a wide range of professionals who have knowledge about the 3PL sector and the special topics.

Facilitated Workshops

We leverage the Capgemini Accelerated Solutions Environment® (ASE) as a brainstorming setting where participants collaborate on shared issues. ASE sessions are held in Capgemini’s ASE workshop spaces around the world. Similar, non-ASE workshops, which included a broad base of participants, are also facilitated globally to ensure proper representation from the industry.