Survey respondents included users of 3PL services (47%), providers of 3PL/4PL services (43%), shown in Figure 1. Non-users of 3PL services represented 10% of the respondents. The non-user responses are useful because they provide valuable perspectives on why they do not currently use 3PLs, as well as on a number of other relevant topics.

Figure 1 - About the Respondents

Shipper respondents are typically managers, directors, vice presidents and C-suite executives, shown in Figure 2.

Eight industries reported by users of 3PL services accounted for almost 82% of the overall respondents, shown in Figure 3.

Figure 2 - Roles of Shipper Respondents
Figure 3 - Respondents by Industry

3PL Providers

3PL executives and managers responded to a similar, but separate version of the survey. 3PL respondents represent: 1) several global operating geographies; 2) an extensive list of industries served (quite similar to the shipper-respondent industries); and 3) a range of titles, from managers to presidents/CEOs.

About 11% expected 2020 company revenues above U.S. $25 billion or more (approximately €20 billion), while 6% expected revenues between U.S. $10 billion and $25 billion (€8 billion to €20 billion). Approximately 17% of the 3PL firms expected revenues of U.S. $1 billion to $10 billion (approximately €800 million to €8 billion), while about 6% reported revenues of U.S. $500 million and $1 billion (approximately €400 million to €800). About 22% reported revenues of between U.S. $100 million and $500 million (approximately €80 million and €400 million), and 39% reported anticipated total sales of less than $100 million (about to €80 million).