2024 3PL Study

The Study

2024 3PL Study

The Power of Partnership: Exploring Collaboration Through Data and Innovation

This prestigious report is the longest running and most detailed look at the current state of logistics outsourcing globally. It investigates leading trends and takes a deep dive into how supply chain organizations and 3PLs can collaborate to drive value. Each year, the study selects special topics that warrant closer examination. The following special topics were included in the 2024 3PL Study:

  • The Power of Relationships Now
  • The Flow of Data
  • Looking Beyond the Hype of Technology
  • The Untapped Potential of Reverse Logistics
  • Understanding the Talent Crisis
  • The Efficiency and Resiliency Struggle
  • Ongoing Growth of the Cold Chain
  • The Online Shopping Slowdown
The findings highlight the trends and challenges supply chain leaders will have to reconcile in the coming years.

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