The Study

About the Study

The Annual Third-Party Logistics Study provides an objective look into the third-party logistics industry both from a user or purchaser of services (shipper) perspective and from a providers' perspective. Researchers also explore views and trends from leading organizations that do not currently utilize external services from a 3PL provider, which are noted in the study as non-users.

The study takes a deep dive into the ways in which shippers and 3PLs can collaborate to drive value. It looks at 3PL industry growth and development, what shippers outsource and what 3PLs offer, as well as why customers outsource to 3PLs and the types of value they attribute to those relationships. As part of the study, researchers investigate trends and issues that likely will be impactful for the future state of logistics outsourcing.

Industry representatives, supporting organizations and sponsor firms have contributed significantly to the study, which has helped to maintain and sustain the report for the past 25 years. Shippers and 3PLs have generously participated in the surveys and interviews needed to produce the Annual 3PL Study.