While innovative technologies, globalization and growing access to data have all helped transform the supply chain, they have also created complexity, disconnects and competing priorities. A return to the fundamental principles governing supply chains is underway.

"The Seven Immutable Laws for Supply Chain Success" helps organizations shift back-to-basics by focusing on the core principles needed to achieve current and future supply chain success.

Shippers and 3PLs were asked in this year's study to rate the importance of each principle in achieving future improvement for their organization's supply chains. Of these principles, data and analytics, customer focus, and innovation and transformation were rated as most important in this regard.

This year's respondents were also asked to indicate their organization's level of implementation and maturity for each principle. Here, data and analytics, customer focus, and supply chain relationships were rated highest. In both prompts, end-to-end (E2E) supply chain and sustainability and survivability received the lowest ratings.

As disruption and complexity increase at an unprecedented pace, effectively meeting supply chain needs has become even harder. Leveraging the back-to-basics principles, shippers and 3PLs will need to work together to enhance both their supply chain relationships and ensure they are both mutually focused on the end customer.